To capture the vibe and feel of classic blues, rock and roll, country, and R+B in a modern and contemporary way is no mean feat.
Step forward GLAS, a three piece band from South Wales. Featuring a combined collective of talent that has seen them share stages with the likes of Albert Lee, The Groundhogs, Bill Kirchen, Leo Bud Welch, Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers, The Spellkasters, and Gerry Mcavoy’s Band Of Friends, John Otway, Jason Ricci, Mick Pini, Deke Leonard and Ben Waters.
GLAS, fronted by Dai John on vocals and bass, with the drums of Sam Andrews, and lead guitar of James Oliver are one of the hardest working on the scene with regular festival appearances all over the UK and beyond..

Without a shadow of a doubt, GLAS are a great band and speaking as a guitarist James Oliver scares the hell out of me! Having had the pleasure of playing with GLAS a couple of times, I’m really looking forward to our next collaboration. They’re great guys and cracking players. Everyone who values live music at its best, should go and see this band.

Deke Leonard MAN/ICEBERG

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