The G-Men


The G Men are a trio of musicians who came together to celebrate their love for the music and songs of the incomparable Rory Gallagher. The G Men originally assembled as a three-piece outfit for the first time in the summer of 2011 and after a couple of rehearsals at a studio in Exeter did a one-off performance at The Nags Head in Lyme Regis Dorset. Because of different individual commitments in other bands the trio never played another gig and didn???t get together again until November 2012 when they regrouped and brought in a keyboard player (Paul French) with the specific plan of going into a recording studio and laying down a double album of Rory???s material. After a couple of rehearsals as a four-piece and some agreements on song arrangements, the band subsequently laid down fifteen tracks at earth terminal studios in England over a two and a half day period. The results of the sessions are produced on our debut double album ??? ???Follow Me??? (still available from this website on CD and vinyl formats).

The band only ever played two gigs as a four-piece (Windsor Arts Centre in September 2013 and at the annual Rhythm and Blues Festival held in Beer Devon in October of that year).

Nearly two and a half years later, the original three-piece line-up of Mark Bond on guitar and vocals, Bert Bond on bass, and Ben Walton on drums, got together again to start doing as much live work as possible. The band???s set currently consists of around 75% of mainly Rory covers with the rest of the material being original.

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